Renovation requires extensive preliminary work and a review of existing systems in your home, which will help us determine the approximate amount of work needed and help us plan your renovation works. After that we can start applying for a building permit that meets all requirements. Using up-to-date technology, work is completed quickly and affordably.

List of works:

– Renovation of house, apartment, rebuilding (from project to a final result) 

– Insulation of house, apartment (ceiling, wall, floor insulation) 

– Renovation and repair of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms 

– Foundation work (foundation construction, insulation) 

– Facade works (facade construction, insulation)

 – Roofing (roof construction, replacement) 

 – Demolition works



Building skills and great experience play a very important role in construction work. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the construction industry, we are able to create a long-lasting solution using the most efficient and economical building methods. In order to achieve the perfect result for each project, we have hired specialists who can handle even the most demanding client’s needs.

List of works:

– House construction (from project to end result)

– Project preparation and consultation

– Building permits

– Construction of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms

– Construction of ceilings, walls and floors

– Installation of partition walls


Experience, the right tools and techniques are crucial for inner decoration. Before the works can begin, you must have a clear vision and idea of the space you want to change, after which we can set up the plan and create the design that meets your requirements.

List of works:

– Planning and consulting

– Plastering, painting and toning of ceilings, walls, floors

– Wallpaper installation

– Floor installation

– Window replacement and installation

– Internal and external door installation

– Sanitary equipment and furniture installation

– Pipeworks

– Jointing

– Tiling